When You Feel the Pull, Go There.

This morning, I pulled myself out of bed at 5:00am to write. This is significant, because I've intentionally spent the last couple of months pushing aside any kind of structured writing routine, in order to make space for new ideas. During this "in-between" phase of writing, I'd pick up a notebook, or open up a file on the computer entitled: Thoughts and Ideas, and I'd tap away with no expectations.

During this time, I filled up my creative cup with travel, reading, meditation, photography (I'm a dabbler), and life. I sat on a park bench in the English Garden in the Cotswolds, where I listened to the hum of the bees, and drank in the shape, textures and colours of the flowers and plants. I practiced noticing while I tried to remain still.

When I wrote, I wrote to see where my words would lead me. As hard as it can be, sometimes we need to stop willing the work, and let the work come to us, even if we doubt whether an idea is worth pursuing. 

My words kept bringing me back to a story idea that had been percolating for a while, one that I eventually shared with my (very excited, enthusiastic, and wonderful) agent last week. 

I can't wait to continue setting that alarm at 5:00am until the first draft is done. I'm emotional just thinking about the roller coaster my main character is set to go on. I can't stop thinking about her.

Things are blossoming.

This is the journey writing takes you on. When you feel the pull, go there.