Unforgettable Memories & Taking the Time to Say Thank You

I have such a special story to share with you today! Some of you might remember a blog post I wrote last year titled 'The First Thing I Did After I Accepted my Offer of Publication' where I mentioned a special person who helped foster a love of books and reading in my life. That person was my primary school library teacher, Mrs Waring.

I reached out to her around the time I accepted my offer of publication to thank her for this special role she played in my life and I also thanked her in the Acknowledgements section of my book.

Last night, I attended my first author event with Dymocks Camberwell, where I was a guest author for their monthly book club. I gave a 15 minute talk to quite a large room full of readers and I spoke about my love of reading and how that led to a love of writing. Several minutes into my talk, I went to speak about Mrs Waring and the most INCREDIBLE THING HAPPENED.

In that exact moment where I went to mention her name, I found myself looking into the audience, where my eyes met HERS.

She'd come along and surprised me. I hadn't seen her in over twenty years. I literally got goosebumps and was almost moved to tears, especially as a moment later I glanced at the woman sitting beside her and had to ask, 'Mrs Fletcher, is that you?' She had brought along another school teacher that taught at my primary school, whom I also remember with fondness.

I will never forget last night, and I will never regret taking the time to thank Mrs Waring for being such a wonderful advocate for children and literacy.

If you have someone in your life who you think of with fond memories and gratitude because they made a positive difference to your life, I'd encourage you to let them know if you haven't already.

And here's to all the teachers and librarians in the world who do wonderful work in inspiring students and readers! You are all SO special.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you have someone in your life who made a positive difference. Let's share some heartwarming stories.