Announcing a New Writing Retreat in Tuscany for 2018!

I'm so excited to be hosting another writing retreat next September in Tuscany! As you all know, Florence is one of my favourite cities in the world, and we had such a fantastic time last year on retreat. It was one of the most memorable weeks of my life. I feel so blessed not only to be writing, but to be supporting other writers around me. It brings me so much joy and I can't wait to welcome another group of writers into my retreat family. While I know it's a dream for writers to attend a retreat like this, it's a dream for me to be able to host one. Witnessing the kind of light bulb moments, new connections, and the sense of empowerment and motivation writers experience on retreat is magical.


Spending time on a retreat like this not only is a nod to the universe saying you're ready to put your craft and your passion at the forefront of your life, it's also an act of self-love. Over the years I have worked to build a life around my writing and I am so much happier for it. Nurturing creativity is an essential part of wellbeing in my opinion!

The first applications for this retreat are already in, and there are limited places available. So if you're interested, you can find all the information on the retreat website. If you have any questions, email me. Always happy to chat! 

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