THE INSPIRATION BEHIND The Florentine Bridge: A Peek at My Pinterest Board.

For those of you who have already started reading or are about to start, you're in for a treat!

Today I'm sharing the Pinterest board I used for inspiration while writing The Florentine Bridge. I find Pinterest to be a really helpful tool when writing. I've added in some short descriptions for the photos which relate to some of the scenes and locations in the book.

Many of the locations featured in the book are real, many of which I have personal connections to, such as the Fattoria di Maiano which is a place I lived and worked while living in Florence. In the book, Mia and Luca visit a restaurant there, as well as a secret lake. and the stores Mia passes on her journey in the city centre, are actual shops that throng Via dei Calzauoli, one of Florence's most elegant streets. In coming weeks, I'll be sharing some blog posts with a bit more information on the locations featured in the book.

Just a warning: I will not be held responsible for anyone wanting to jump on a plane and travel to Tuscany! Check out the pictures at your own risk! ;)

View the board here!