Episode #057 Meet Literary Scout for Film & TV, Kate Loftus O'Brien

Ever wondered about how books get optioned for film and TV? Well, this week, Vanessa chats to Kate Loftus-O'Brien, of KLO Scouting about her role as a Literary Scout for the entertainment industry. Kate is based in the UK, sourcing material for TV and Film companies. Prior to starting her own scouting consultancy earlier this year she worked as a book scout in Berlin, and has experience in film production and book marketing. 

She gives listeners a fabulous behind the scenes look at how she finds books on behalf of clients to potentially be optioned and then adapted to screen.

Kim and Vanessa also chat about a brand new online program to help authors with marketing and PR, as well as the positive early five star reviews coming in for Vanessa's forthcoming debut, The Florentine Bridge, whose release is just around the corner! You can find the reviews here!