Episode #020 Painting, Creativity and Inspiration from Nature with Artist Nicola Newman

This week I'm chatting about creativity with Nicola Chatham, an award winning artist, organic gardening teacher, author and entrepreneur, whose mission is to help women explore their creativity and inspire them live an authentic life that supports their heart’s deepest desires to be self-expressive and enjoy even greater wellbeing. Nicola is also the creator of Flourish with Painting and Creativity^ an online training and mentorship program dedicated to teaching practical, soulful, nurturing ways to explore painting with acrylic and oil paints and expressing your innate creativity.

In this episode we chat about painting, creativity and how nature can be a wonderful way to cultivate more creativity in your life through the process of mindfulness and paying attention to our surroundings.

If you'd like to learn more about Nicola's online program, FLOURISH WITH PAINTING & CREATIVITY, for which a waiting list is now open, visit her website here^.

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