Episode #028 From Script Writing to Novel Writing with J.D. Barrett

This week, Vanessa shares some exciting book news with listeners and you can read more about that news here! 

Kimberley is delighted to bring us her interview with J.D. Barrett, an Australian television writer and script editor who has just released her debut novel, THE SECRET RECIPE FOR SECOND CHANCES. 

J.D. has written scripts for popular TV shows including LOVE MY WAY, EAST OF EVERYTHING, BED OF ROSES and WONDERLAND. During their chat, they discuss the differences between writing collaboratively in a writing team versus writing in a solitary environment as a first time novelist. With a passion for good food and creating great meals, J.D. also talks about how her family's love of cooking andhelped influence the foodie theme of her book. 

Published by Hachette Australia, THE SECRET RECIPE FOR SECOND CHANCES is described as a surprising, smart, charming story that shows every day is a second chance. If you love OFFSPRING and the 'opposites attract' charm of THE ROSIE PROJECT, then you’re sure to love J.D.'s break-out novel. 

In this week's episode, Kim and Vanessa also discuss the subject of writing romantic comedy and share tips on how to write credible rom-com storylines that avoid cliches and one dimensional characters. 

You can find J.D.'s book, THE SECRET RECIPE FOR SECOND CHANCES here.

You can also connect with J.D on Facebook and Twitter.

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