Episode #035 What it's Like to Be in the Querying Trenches

It's always great speaking with writers who are working really hard to achieve their writing goals. Cassie Hamer is one of them and this week, she and Vanessa chat about what it's really like to be in the 'querying trenches' and how to best deal with the ups and downs on what can sometimes be a long journey towards publication. (Good luck, Cassie, we are cheering you on all the way!)

We also chat about book reviewing, how books impact our lives, and how reading can be helpful for writers. 

Cassie has a background in TV journalism and public relations but these days prefers to write fiction rather than fact. She lives in Sydney with her young family and tends to write a lot of stories in her head while walking around Centennial Park. Occasionally, she writes them down. In 2015, she launched a blog about books and writing at BookBirdy.com.

You can connect with Cassie on her website, Twitter or Facebook.