Episode #046 Literary agent Alex Adsett on contracts, advances & more

This week's episode is a biggie. We start off by coming to you from Italy, where Vanessa is hosting her first ever writers' retreat. During Kim and Vanessa's intro chat, Vanessa talks a little bit about the setting that inspired her debut novel, The Florentine Bridge (out January 2017) and what it was like to meet her agent, Cassie Hanjian in person for the first time. You can listen to her interview with Cassie in a previous episode.

Speaking of agents, Kim had the pleasure of interviewing literary agent, Alex Adsett, who is this week's special guest. Alex is an Aussie agent specialising in genre fiction, including science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, and romance. She is also a freelance publishing consultant offering commercial contract advice to authors and publishers. She has more than eighteen years experience working in the publishing and bookselling industry and has managed Alex Adsett Publishing Services since 2008. Alex represents a select stable of authors including Maria Lewis, Shannon Horsfall, Kylie Chan, and Gary Kemble.

During their discussion, Kim and Alex cover everything from the role of agent and contract advice to some of the common mistakes writers make when approaching an agent for representation. They also go into the reasons why many debut authors in the US have been receiving million-dollar advances in recent years, what makes a book reach 'bestseller' status in Australia and Alex offers her take on the possible changes to the parallel import rules. 

You can find out more about Alex's agency at her website, as well as where she'll be appearing via her events page. You can also follow her on Twitterand Facebook.

To register for more information on future writers' retreats with Vanessa, visit www.yourbeautifulwritinglife.com or to follow all her updates from Italy, check out her Instagram. To connect with Kim, visit her website or Twitter.