Episode #032 How to Standout on the Slush Pile with Katie Rowney

You're in for a real treat in this week's episode, which guest stars debut author, Katie Rowney, a recovering journalist and current communications wizard. Her first novel, Front Page News, was recently published by Penguin Random House. Katie grew up in a treehouse on a tiny mountain-top town and only made it as far as the big smoke of Brisbane city before settling down with her husband Magnus, two dogs and two cats. She reads a minimum of three books a week, has an unhealthy obsession with David Bowie and tries to live her life as Indiana Jones would.

Loosely based on her time as a rural journalist in a country town, Front Page News tells the story of cadet journalist, Stacey McCallaghan, who arrives in the fictional town of Toomey. Struggling to find anything newsworthy to report on, Stacey spends more time laying out the crossword than covering actual news. That is, until the first dead body turns up.

During their chat, Kim finds out about Katie's path to publication, which may inspire many writers out there considering submitting directly to publishers. Tune in to find out how Katie's unsolicited novel went from the slush pile to securing a book contract and what tips she has for making your own manuscript standout from the rest.

You can find Katie's book, Front Page news here.

You can also connect with Katie on her website, Twitter and Instagram. 

You can find the blog post discussed by Kim and Vanessa on the podcast here: THE FIRST THING I DID AFTER I ACCEPTED MY OFFER OF PUBLICATION.

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